Sorry I don’t build vr tables. You can find them in there dedicated category:


I know where they are and like said, don’t much care for the extra added in those tables. Working backbox is the only reason to use those. I mostly use standard release and add the DMD if necessary.
My comment was just about the scaling and that it’s a pity this marvelous table isn’t playable in VR. Not sure if this one can be turned VR compatible or not as physic parameters will get messed if object scaling is changed.

Uh, nah. I built Radiant Silverball in part with the idea of multiplayer pinball action, which doesn’t lend itself as well to VR use. Maybe down the road I’ll build a VR for pinball rig, although I want to wait and see what happens with VPE on Unity first. :yes:

There’s that. Sure you can mirror the game view to monitor / big screen with VR too but I know, it’s not the same. You’re still isolated in your helmet.
Still, it’s too much better to trade back.

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