I had the same problem, these setttings worked great!

Thanks dondi, you saved me a lot of searching.?

– Glad you sorted-out your problem. Ironically, this issue re-introduced itself after a Windows update; but it affected a bunch of my “regular” tables, like, TOTAN and Medieval Madness, etc. I was only getting feint “ghosting” audio from the front speakers. Checked all my audio settings in Windows settings, etc. All were unchanged as per my settings previously cited above. I dove into EQAPO a little deeper and it was not so difficult to Copy the Center Channel to the Left Channel with a little attenuation from the opposite channel. In EQAPO, click the + sign at the bottom to add a BASIC FILTER >> COPY CHANNEL. (In the image below, filters 2 & 3 are what I added, and I hit the edit button to expose the text I inputted.) Do the same for each, and transpose L + R for the opposite channel. Worked like a charm and seems a bit more “correct” to me as it should affect all system sounds, regardless of which app is producing audio.


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