This option allows you to also view the entire TNA Backglass at the same time.

So, if I understand what you’re not saying… “the entire TNA Blackglass” does not include the passthrough for the scoring of the directb2s. See, to me “entire” meant I COULD see the scores.

OK. So in that case, it’s definitely not worth using the PuP backglass. The scoring is far more important. (Well, at least it is for me.) I suppose I could always alter the videos themselves. I’ll probably just do that.

Alright. Thanks for the… clarification.

PUPDMD on a Fullscreen pup-pack and B2S / 4 player score on the backglass

If you want to use the PUPDMD on a Fullscreen pup-pack and also see the B2S 4 player score on the backglass…

Then edit the tna pup-pack using the pup-pack editor and your options are:

  • turn off the pup backglass screen 2 and show only the directb2s

… OR…

  • change Screen 2 (Backglass) CustomPos to 2,0,0,100,90 (this will size the pup backglass to leave space for the B2S 4 player score to be seen)


This has now been added to the instructions.


I don’t play 4 player…. so the alpha numeric score portion isn’t important to me, since you get the score on the PUPDMD

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