This option allows you to also view the entire TNA Backglass at the same time.
When did I write this

So, if I understand what you’re not saying… “the entire TNA Blackglass” does not include the passthrough for the scoring of the directb2s. See, to me “entire” meant I COULD see the scores.

OK. So in that case, it’s definitely not worth using the PuP backglass. The scoring is far more important. (Well, at least it is for me.) I suppose I could always alter the videos themselves. I’ll probably just do that.

Alright. Thanks for the… clarification.

You should just try some ideas because apparently you’re having a hard time understanding the directions
The 4 scores at the bottom will show from the back glass, That’s what I’m reading in the directions
When you choose this version of the PUPDMD setup PUPDMD on the Backglass with B2S


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