Hi, PupPack looks great! I have a cabinet with 3 screens, playfield, backglass and DMD. I just have 1 problem on the Backglass. The Puppack videos pops to the back (covered by the bg) When videos are set to ‘ForceBack’ with all configs. Also the Twister BG Overlay is set to Forceback by default. In this manner the Videos are popping behind the BG Overlay and cannot be seen.

Is there anyway to change the z- axis of the Videos with Puppack editor so it ends up showing from behind the BG Overlay – or set the frame to to have the video pop behind the Twister back ground overlay and still show through the overlay bg?

I tried to Force the video to the front and it pops in front of the BG Overlay and Force Pop too – and it works but it doesn’t look good because it Pops in front of the cool twister BG picture frame.

If I can change it to pop behind the Twister bg overlay and still show the middle portion of the video from behind the Twister bg Overlay that would be awesome without having to resize the video in Puppack editor and jerry rig it to fit and show, Also I do not have any B2S files interfering on the backglass where this is all happening.

Thanks so much for the hard work!

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