Reply To: Whoa-Nellie (wizbang 2011)


    Need to bump this up a bit.. likely want this in all your vp10 games. Get the rolling sounds and bumps back :-)

    Replace the existing function with this:

    Function Vol(ball) ‘ Calculates the Volume of the sound based on the ball speed
    Vol = Csng((BallVel(ball)*0.3 + 4)/10)
    End Sub

    Yep :good: that did the trick, Perfect. Thank you for taking the time to check that out & provide that solution, that level is perfect for me, sorry for assuming you didn’t add all the sounds for rubbers, posts, gates and rolling sounds, my bad. I thought maybe it might just have been my cab as i use the unorthodox 5.1 surround in it which works exactly the way i like it, but not all tables work well with it.

    Cheers Mate :yahoo:




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