Reply To: VP10 – Is it all its cracked up to be ?


    With what kind of hardware you’re running VPX? I had to buy new graphics card yesterday to be able to play anything on VPX. Now it runs quite ok but on multiballs and such it still stutters a lot. So maybe I’ve to get new processor too? :) Or it just could be because I’m running Windows 10 ?

    Hey mate, I’m running a very basic system : WIn7 64bit Ultimate , Intel i5 3.10ghz (not overclocked) , 8gigs DDR3 RAM , Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 2gig (not overclocked).

    I can tell you most people use win7 or XP if that helps, but i mainly just played around with the video card settings until i got a steady 60 FPS from all my tables and installed a little dos based program that apparently uses all your ram and dosen’t limit programs to 4GB (sorry can’t remember the name).

    Try enabling Fast FXAA in vp10beta video options and see if the stutter goes away.




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