Thanks for the cool table.

Keep in mind i’m a bit of a newbie, but for those newbs like me that are running a similar setup that cannot get the oversized virtual dmd to work, here’s what I did.

I’m running a 3-screen setup, with DMD and topper on one monitor.  Similar to what I think TerryRed has on his table videos, which has the backglass with a 3rd monitor below that has topper with dmd below.

My dmd locations are pulling from the global coordinates assigned in DmdDevice.ini, rather than the windows registries for each rom.  For this one I chose to move the DMD to the topper screen, which is taller on my system.  I did so by adding the following to the DmdDevice.ini  (obviously adjust for your systems coordinates).  This works for baywatch as well if you make another entry the same.

pindmd2 enabled = false
virtualdmd enabled = true
virtualdmd left = 5760
virtualdmd top = 50
virtualdmd width = 1280

There’s probably some brilliant other way to do this, so punch me later.


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