Good evening. Got some things set up in visual pinball and wanted to try future pinball. Watched Terry’s videos (man o man lot’s of stuff to understand and thanks for all that great info!!) and I am getting an error 5163 FF_INT and game won’t play.

Also, I am still confused on the physics piece of the equation. I downloaded the x64 exe from site on video, but did not download the others like 2.5, 2.6… this MOTU has 2.6 in the title, so does that I mean to use that exe to make this work? I just copied the x64 one and changed the name to be the executable as I believe the video notes.

I feel like I am doing something wrong with those exe’s and also that table has an xml that I have in the tables folder but I also placed it in BAM XML folder to, was that correct?

I am sure some silly mistakes that are easily remedied.



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