Thanks for the update. I like your previous version so I’m thinking of keeping your old one for the cartoon table and use this new one for the movie table.

I’m a single screen user and I have the following issue. I had the same problem with the previous puppack . . .

Is there a way to make sure the videos don’t pop above the overlay? See image below:


I went into the Editor and tried adding an Overlay line which would ForceOn the overlay but it didn’t work. I also tried setting that line to ForceBack.


Any ideas?

If not, I’ll probably edit the overlay.png file again to accommodate the full video image. I’d rather not do that though.


I’m not sure why you’re having this issue.  You shouldn’t need to modify the screen settings at all.  This pack has been test and verified working by many.  Do you have the same issues with other pup packs?  Perhaps it has something to do with single screen use which I have no experience with, Sorry.  Maybe someone with more knowledge will offer suggestions.  Would be a shame to modify the overlay like that.

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