Nice work. Looking like a solid start. I really commend you for trying to reimplement the machine. I own the real machine and play it often. I just got a chance to try this version out a bit and I noticed a few things right of the bat that are different from the real machine. I don’t know how close you want to get to the real one. I posted this on facebook as well but this is probably the better location.

1. There is an up post in the center of the orbit behind Herman. There are two skill shots from the plunger and both rely on the up post being up. The right lane into the pops and the left ramp are lit for skill shots. If you hold down the left flipper this lights the right ramp for the super skill shot and the up post is not raised on plunge. The up post is also used at various times during the game and multiballs. I honestly don’t know the rules around when it is up and down with those but could test it on my machine

2. Grandpa scoop shoots hard to the rear of the left flipper. You can easily drop catch (this machine is amazing for practicing drop catches) or let it dead bounce to the right flipper for an easy trap or shot up the left ramp.

3. It’s really important to be able to backhand both ramps. I was not able to do either with the current flipper setup. Back handing the left ramp is the safest way to take care of spot and a solid strategy for the super skillshot is to weak plunge holding the left flipper, catch the ball on the right flipper, and backhand the ramp. It’s super fun to full plunge and rip it off the left flipper up that right ramp tho. One of the most satisfying shots there is so unless I’m playing in a league or tournament I always go for the full plunge super skill shot.

Just a few things I’ve noticed in the first few minutes of playing. There are a few rule things as well. I don’t know how true to the real machine you want to be.

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