Thanks for this musical update, great stuff.

Just one strange thing:
When a player becomes active the ‘100.000’ point lights is on on the BG.

Thank you for this +bonus :yes: ¬† but I dont think it’s the way it should work….

When playing multiple players whenever the player shifts this light shifts as well.

On the Akilis, JPSalas, Loserman, Kiwi table 1.2.2 (latest) it’s working fine.

Although the lights gives you 100.000 points, it isn’t as such recorded in the High Score post on the left.

I tried to look it up in the script but my knowledge isn’t enough to solve it.

Anyway…the play with the music is very much fun, thanks for that!

My favorite pinball machine?
Where I can put my name on as Grand Champion....


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