Yeah, painting cabinets of any form sucks when you don’t really have good facilities to do it in.

It’s been a cool challenge to watch so far. Technically, we could have done Radiant Silverball (to date) at that price point, but we would have been in mini-cab territory. We’re over $1K in ourselves with a full vintage widebody design, and it wouldn’t have been much cheaper for us doing a standard body, plus we would have had to buy a playfield screen instead of using a screen we already had on hand.

Creator of the first PinupPlayer PostDMD mods for VPX - PostDMD for Masters of the Universe VPX and Jaws VPX.
Head Proprietor of Pisces Pinball, a VPX table developer.
Lead Technician of MC Chase Amusements, a private arcade in our home basement.

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