Hi @terryred,

I got all of my PE stuff working the other week (awesomeness!!), but this weekend spent hours troubleshooting, uninstalling windows updates, reinstaling, etc trying to figure out what stopped my Attack from Mars puppack from loading.  I just got a black screen for backglass and topper.

Finally I figured it out. The other week, as described in the guide for PE, I set the “default state” set to off for my topper/dmd/backglass.  This was the culprit of what broke AFM, which is one of the test tables I run to verify things are working correctly after I make lots of changes to my rig.

I set things back to “Show PopUp (hide paused)” and things are back to normal.

What is the reason for setting the backglass/dmd/topper to “off”?  I am not finding a issue with the settings that make AFM work (yet), and the PE tables seem fine with this setting.  If it is needed, the community might need some guidance on how to fix any packs like AFM.


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