Greetings, this a great table, and it plays well for me, but I get no sound (No Dr. Who sounds, I get mechanical pinball sounds).  I wonder if someone can help me?  here’s what I know/have tried

  • All other VPX tables work properly
  • I have the newest ROM, dw_l2.zip
  • I have opened the coin door and cranked the volume to 31
  • I have deleted the current nvram file, and releoad the table.  A new dw_l2.nv file was created
  • Ran F1, sound is enabled
  • didn’t see any relevant settings in the script (though I don’t really know what to look for)
  • running VP 10.6, VPinMAME 3.3
  • 3 screen setup (table, backglass, dmd)

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks

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