i’m getting worse performance with Rob’s build, dunno if it’s today’s release or also previous ones, i get more fps with original 10.6 vpinball_GL from July 2019 (example, cactus canyon vr room i get 90 with drops down to 80 fps, with Rob’s build i get spikes down to 70fps), so i can’t use the latest launcher with original 10.6 ? do i have to stick with 1.5?

Only 1.6 needs Robs version.
You can use 1.0 -> 1.5 and 1.7 -> 1.11 with any pinball_GL.exe.

You should use a 10.6 build. The newest releases of Rob’s masa version is linked now. The new NFAA mode from Ronnie Viklund
is a real performance booster!

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