Matt Bini

OK, that works thanks. It’s frustrating as you have to use the older revision romset (I’m not sure what the differences are, there’s obviously a reason for the update though), so I’m not sure if I’m going to implement it yet…

What I might do is put it in as a commented out line;

Const cGameName=”startrp”,UseSolenoids=1,UseLamps=0,UseGI=1,SCoin=”coin”

‘Const cGameName=”startrp2″,UseSolenoids=15,UseLamps=0,UseGI=1,SCoin=”coin” ‘Fastflip Version

But I might see if I can get the newer romset supported as that’s far more elegant… ;)

Fantastic table thanks again, I added the fastflip line and startrp2 rom and flippers feel more responsive. Great!

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