Reply To: Star Trek Pro (Stern 2013) (VPX Beta 2233+)


    LOVE the Star Trek table. My buddy has a real one, and this plays very much the same. It’s fun to be able to leave his place and continue to practice at home now and learn the rules. I’m amazed by the color changing lighting and inserts. This is easily the best VP table I’ve played so far. (Until Metallica comes out, I like that theme beter)

    2 quick things, The default playfield image is missing art in the upper left and upper right orbits. I looked through the image editor and saw you have a ton of different playfield images. I tried swapping it with another that had the complete artwork, but the insert lights didn’t line up anymore. Not sure how to correct that…

    The other thing is the flasher under the left orbit’s spinner is supposed to go off as the spinner spins. The flasher appears as a static image on this table and never goes off.

    Thanks for all your hard work. I need to learn how to get started on building table so I can contribute to this community.


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