Reply To: The Walking Dead (ICPjuggla & freneticamnesic) wip


    you guys are the effin shizzle for rizzle, thank you so much for all your hard work and time, stern and farsight might try to have you all assassinated if you don’t kill them first…..i’m just sayin, watch your backs! I saw fren say “looks like i’m out of a job” in regards to those two companies striking a deal, imo they should be offering you guys jobs, I’m a beta tester for TPA and speak with the devs at FS almost every day and I see the way they do things and I truly believe they could benefit from the talents I see that you all posess, if you guys were provided a system for development and teams for individual jobs as they have amazing things could happen, maybe someday! Much love guys I cant wait to play this amongst several others you have in the works! -nate


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