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    I’ve spent a lot of (too much) time on materials and think I’ve started to get them figured out
    I found a good material for use on a lot of the plastic toys that are in more modern pinball machines, that gives them some of that plastic shininess. Here I’ve used it on the fish, strippers, boat, and truck – if you saw a previous screenshot of the table you can probably spot the difference. Of course some of this relies on the table lighting I’m using as well but it should give a similarly desirable effect on even the base table. Screenshot of my material settings is below it

    And for ramps, I think I’ve got a good material for these as well. I am using the “aluminum” texture that has been prevalent in a lot of VP Tables for years now, with dynamic rendering on the primitives (oh yea these are primitive ramps btw – that process is not so easy to describe unfortunately) – the screenshot below is the primitive ramps with my ramp material applied and the aluminum texture used. Material settings below it

    Those are the 2 materials I have spent the most time on, besides the gold wire ramps from Kingpin, which I actually never fully achieved. The ramps on Kingpin are fully textured by dark. Everything else I’ve managed to get a good material for, usually by starting with one of the base materials and tweaking it until I get the desired effect. It takes a lot of time, when you start fine tuning it and you notice the difference between .2 shininess and .15 shininess…

    Punch it!

    Punch it!


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