Reply To: Raised Playfield discussion


    So I guess we all agree then it doesn’t work unless we can get

    – Custom shaped kickers (in my opinion the fall though on kickers aren’t very realistic)
    – Or let us cut holes out of the pf like we can with a wall object
    – Or let the ball fall though transparent areas on the pf
    – last but not least witch I think is the best option in my opinion enable reflections on the wall object if used as the pf.

    I’m not really sure why you say a ball can’t fall. This isn’t true, right now I’m using a wall as the pf on the MM build and it’s much more realistic falling into a hole cut out of a wall than using the kicker fall though.. Also, in my experiments the pf hight doesn’t even work. I have my pf ‘wall object’ set to hight 70, if I set the ‘pf hight’ to 70.1 a ball thrown on the table still goes under the pf wall in debug mode. So it seems the pf hight doesn’t really do anything.

    Also, this won’t come out right so I apologize for that but it seems features us authors have been asking for have either been ignored or fall by the waiste side and overlooked. i.e. fixed guide walls, built in guide wires, sloping walls similar to ramps etc. etc. those are just a few examples brought up not just by me but other authors as well..

    Please don’t take that statement the wrong way as we all appreciate what you dev’s do for VP. We all love you guys and we would love to see features incorporated into VP that will make all of our lives easier and tables to be built faster. :-)


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