Reply To: The Sopranos (Stern, 2005) VPX Beta


    Public 4G wifi. If it helps any it seems to be downloading slower than other sites. Let me download it again and give you the speeds

    OK it errored all four times around the 21 mb mark. Speeds were decent, at the low end about 33kb/sec and at the high end around the crash 145kb/sec. I did have problems with other files I downloaded from here. The Star Trek file kept erroring and I swear it only downloaded half the file and said it was done, but it works. But this Sopranos files won’t do that. BTW, it looks good Fren. B-)

    One last try, (6th try) I tried the change your browser trick. No dice. Switched from firefox, which is what I use to Chrome. Chrome stops mid file and say broken link.


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