Reply To: DOFLinx Future Pinball WIP tables: Let us know what tables you are working on!


    Awe man, I was looking forward to doing the death star assault. But, I am sure yours will be better than what I could do. I added an animation to my Empire edition to the light Saber bonus at end of ball that is pretty awesome. I’m not sure if it is on the uploaded version. So I will add it soon so you can check it out and either add or modify it when you do the death star assault.

    :)  Sorry bud, but I already have Death Star Assault well underway…. a big reason is….

    I just suffered an SSD failure in my cabinet, which resulted in me losing EVERYTHING in my cabinet that I setup and created in the last 3 months….. (luckily the previous stuff was backed up). However all my newer setup for VPX tables, and the newer media I made to fit the new dual bezel I made (after my screen died) is gone too….

    Luckily, all my DOFLinx stuff was on my main PC (where I do most of the coding…its in the same room), so Tron Legacy (STERN) was safe…..phew!  This also meant setting up the cabinet from scratch. Since a new Windows 10 install takes a while, I couldn’t continue on Tron Legacy (Stern) until the cabinet is up and running.

    So as a result, I was working on Star Wars Death Assault (Ultimate Edition) until the cabinet was up and running. (I held off on doing this table a while back because SLAM told me ahead of time that he was updating it)

    Don’t worry Tom… SLAM plans on releasing an updated Empire Edition too, and I’ll be gone for months….   :)


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