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    I also noticed that the main general “light” doesn’t come on sometimes when you first start, so I’m wondering if this is VPM related?

    The short delay for the light is a known issue in the emulation, but has nothing to do with performance of the table.   The ROM wants some sort of response from the LED controller board before it starts sending the LED strings.     After 2-3 minutes it gives up and starts transmitting.   Since I don’t have a TWD LE machine, I have no way of knowing what that response is supposed to be.   In Mustang LE I was able to hack the ROM code to transmit immediately.   TWD LE seems more complicated, but I found that if I just blast a bunch of the same character, it will start transmitting fairly quickly, so that was the hack approach I went with for that table as there’s a higher chance it will work with updates from Stern.

    I had an earlier WIP of the table and it doesn’t have any performance problems.   There’s a lot more going on in this version, and performance suffers as a result.  It does work great on my cab now with those two textures reduced, though.   I’ve been playing for hours and no stutters whatsoever.   My cab reacted similar to what you were describing when I set it to 3072.   So I suspect your performance is just shy of what’s needed to run it smoothly.

    The crash at startup we’ve all been talking about for a while now – it’s a failure to allocate memory and is unrelated to the lights, or slow table performance (assuming your machine has enough memory of course).   The 64 bit version of VP and VPM might help there.


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