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    fantastic looking table and it plays great. i have some issues when using pin2dmd though – the pin2dmd slows down to a crawl when ball 3 is completed and it takes forever to get to game over state. also, sometimes when the crossbow is loaded, also the pin2dmd slows down to a crawl, all animations are slow etc. i got all the latest .dlls and vpm and the LE rom and double cheese and bbq sauce just to be on the safe side. does anyone else have issues with this table when running pin2dmd ?

    another issue i have is if i tilt the game when the ball is loaded in the crossbow. the game can’t seem to deal with it and it stays in tilt mode. it tries to eject then find balls endlessly without success, need to reset.

    when it does run, it plays beautifully on my machine, no stutter at all. (i5, 970gtx, 8gb)



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