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    “Also, make sure you have the LE rom. you can get it from Stern’s site. The rom file should be called TWD156LE.BIN, and you need to have it zipped as If you are running in exclusive fullscreen, make sure that twd_156h is set to ddraw=0, or you will get an error / crash. That should do it for you.”

    Having some problems getting the rom to work….I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong with the zip and renaming process as I’ve downloaded the LE rom from Sterns site, renamed it to twd_156h and I continue to get the can’t find rom error. I’m wondering if I either zip the bin file incorrectly or rename it incorrectly. I usually have this problem when I have to zip and rename the Stern roms. Can someone please give me a quick rundown on how to zip and rename the roms properly? I’m sure others would benefit from this as well.

    Also where is the ddraw=0 setting located?

    Thanks very much!

    Edit: I just tested the rom found in Pinmame named twd_156h and it does run. Though when you see the version running on the DMD display

    it shows the rom as being V1.56 with no h. But that makes sense am I thinking correctly here? The Rom on Sterns site did not have the h in it.



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