Reply To: The Walking Dead


    For me v1.0 won’t run at all.

    My specs : Intel Core i7-4770, GeForce 770 2 Gb, 16 Gb DDR3-1600, 240 Gb SSD, DMDST32, Windows 10 x64 1607, VPX/VPM/B2S up to date.

    When I launch the table the B2S appears, the playfield appears static, no DMD showing up, then VPX auto-exits without any crash / error message.

    If I test LE ROM in VPM Setup.exe it runs OK.

    Tested in true FS and Windowed FS, did the ddraw=0 registry mod, did lower VPX video settings and have the same results.

    Will try tomorrow morning with v1.1.

    Anyway thank you for the hard work Dozer  :good:


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