Reply To: The Walking Dead


    I think I have found a possible¬†issue generator for those of you who cannot start of run this table properly. Probably by mistake, a primitive is included which has 141400 triangles. That is a lot of triangles. And it just is a very small metal thingy at the prison. If you want to test this: select “primitive220”, press “import mesh” and then this file:!oAZBBIKY!0DyaqWi_wuieWd199VCYMhSiDZWEP9vwjym1F__sGkc

    I know it is on static rendering, but it might still use a lot of memory. I also disabled “reflect elements on playfield”, this increased my fps to ~100 fps (with 4xAA on, i have a core i5 and a GTX770).

    If you just use FS then you might also want to delete these primitives:

    Primitive316 (invisible apron)

    Lockdown (lockbar, which is not visible in FS)


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