Reply To: Performance problems after recent updates and LE tables


    Performance is better running just VPX. Any ideas ? Will Windows 7 be better performance wise ? CPU and memory do not seem to be a problem.

    I had exactly that same problem with PinballX, but upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 solved it on my machine.  Doesn’t make any sense why though.    Someone on the PinballX forum suggested it might be an issue with the .NET framework that the OS upgrade process might have “fixed” in my case.

    If you aren’t using True Fullscreen mode, try that.   When I was having that problem on Windows 8 it helped a lot.   But it’s still unknown what the real root cause of that issue is, and I spent a lot of time trying to chase down the cause.    Re-installing Windows 10 might help as a last ditch effort.

    I recommend reaching out on the PinballX forum.  Unless more people bring up the issue we’ll have a harder time figuring out the root cause.    I’ve blocked my machine from downloading any updates at this point, I don’t want that bug to come back!

    Windows 10 is what Tom recommends for PinballX.    He’ll probably be more likely to help you track the issue down if you’re running Win10.

    The only sizing difference there should be is that if you use ddraw=0, it no longer puts black bars around the DMD.


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