Reply To: DOFLinx Future Pinball WIP tables: Let us know what tables you are working on!


    Tron Legacy (Stern) (Ultimate Edition 1.01) DOFLinx is done.

    Having my SSD in my cabinet die, which meant losing everything I did on the cab over the last 3 months (except for DOFLinx stuff) is what held me up.

    Now, I’m starting to put the video together, and then I’ll tidy everything up and upload the table.   The only thing I couldn’t do, was add any custom lighting effects for the last mode of the game (getting to the portal), because in order to get to that point, you must do a couple of specific skill shots which I can’t do…. because I suck, and I can’t do them with the ball roller  :)

    Will have it here in time for the holidays guys. It’s a great table…. a bit different than the original Stern according to SLAM, and that’s OK by me since we have a great VPX version that’s more like the arcade, and SLAM’s version is more sexy in many ways!


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