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    Hi all, Just an update on where I am with regards to trying to run this awesome table correctly. I am still having GI issues. When I run the table, the GI appears to be working (apart from the red flashers either side of the PF; they are still dead), however the GI seems to flicker on and off, like it’s glitch?; I can especially notice the watchtower lights kind of glitching. I’m kind of running out of ideas now; everything as far as I know is updated to the latest versions (as I mentioned before; I don’t have DOF installed, as I don’t have any external flashers etc on my cab)

    You have an outdated version of my VPM. There were some bugs I wasn’t aware of until Dozer started working on actually using the output. Update it to the latest and it should work correctly.

    Hi Rob, I’m using the sam VPM found within the found within the vpuniverse thread?; could it be possible that I downloaded the wrong version for my setup?; I have a 2 screen setup and just drag the dmd to my backglass screen (no real DMD in my cab or 3rd screen)


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