Reply To: DOFLinx Future Pinball WIP tables: Let us know what tables you are working on!


    Great job on the Tron table, Terry. It really pops. You continue to improve/evolve. I truly appreciate the way that you integrate the lights and toys into the game. And that is quite a feat, given the nuances that SLAM puts into his tables. Dead Hunters is almost done. Just polishing it up a bit. Man, that table has a lot of code. But, I really feel that DOFLinx upgrades this game by a country mile. That is what I love about adding DOFLinx to the original tables. Some of these lesser known tables and themes kind of just look and play “meh” because there is no real world nostalgia or comparison to get you excited. But DOFLinx can really bring out the unique qualities of some of these games. For sure, Dead Hunters is getting one heck of an upgrade. Just having the “pop” of a solenoid with every target hit alone brings the game alive. If you have a shaker, than this one will rock you.

    I know a bunch of people would love to see Dead Hunters and 3 Angels get that cab vibe….so it should prove popular.  Some of these FP tables have almost complete video games within them.  Everyone does their code a little different. While my methods have definitely evolved, using the basics like in my tutorial will work with pretty much any table. It’s when you get into wanting that extra oomph or polish…that takes a while.

    Tables like Dead Hunters or 3 Angels won’t probably ever get updated….so taking the extra time to polish them will be worth it.


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