Reply To: DOFLinx Future Pinball WIP tables: Let us know what tables you are working on!


    You are right, Terry.  I always start with just the basics first.  But in doing so, I end up going through most of the code and get a feel for how the table was designed and the thought process involved.  It’s usually not until I start thinking of the lights and toys that I really begin to consider getting creative.  Then I can try to design something merely more than a single flash for each object.  The more I do this, the more I am learning to understand the code and the more I am trying to get a little more detailed to provide a more immersing experience.  I think you nailed th as the aspect with your latest Tron game (with a lot of help from Slam).  When you hit start and the rgb’s, game lights, arcade startup sound effects, and Journey all kick in, it immediately pulls you into the experience, not just a pin.  One of the most creative touches I’ve seen with any game.


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