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    Hi Terry You seem to be the foremost expert on Future Pinball tables. I have seen a significant improvement over the last two years on the Physics of FP. I tried running the Dr. Dude table out on BAM and I must say zed physics is as close as I have seen to VP physics. I have tried some 2.7 tables but they seem like a step back from Zed. Have you seen this too or am I just playing the wrong tables. Playing Dr. Dude with the Kinect2 and Bam is as close to feeling like I am playing a real table as I have experienced.

    I’m not the FP physics expert…those guys are over at gopinbal. GeorgeH seems to be very up to date and even does his own custom physics for tables.

    That being said, some newer Zed tables really do play excellent… I used to brush them off in the early days before I understood how BAM and physics files worked, but some of them are really nice. It does very much feel like a VPX table with a more heavy ball,etc…

    It’s not as simple as…hey I want to get 2.7 physics for this table, so I’ll use a 2.7 xml file for it.   If the table wasn’t created and tuned for 2.7, then it may play horribly. For Zed, its a bit more complicated, as sometimes people will use invisible 2nd flippers,etc…

    As an example…. I just recently released the all new table Tron Legacy (Stern) (Ultimate) DOFLinx – Cabinet Edition.   This table just got released for the first time ever by SLAMT1LT, and is NOT the same as the older rom, GLXB, Fransicso666 table.  After I was done modding the table for DOFLinx, out of curiosity, I tried playing the older rom, GLXB, Fransico666 table…. and man it was a night and day difference! the older table simply plays horrible by comparison!

    As SLAM put it….he knows FP’s strengths and weakness… it’s much easier for him to make an original table for FP that will play well, compared to trying to recreate an arcade pinball game which will play terrible by comparison…

    I think alot of people just want a plug an play solution… whereas others who know better can reap the rewards of amazing originals that now are getting full cabinet feedback and lighting support.

    I used to be someone who just wanted arcade pinball games….but now I’m really loving FP originals, and some VP originals too. Who knows…maybe in my 4+ months of military isolation from my cabinet…. I may be inspired in trying to create some sort of table…. on my crappy 7 year old laptop   :(

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