Reply To: what FP to VPX tables should there be


    Man, alot has happened since this post…

    While I know, I won’t convince those who have a hate for FP physics that they should embrace FP…..   …to those who simply wanted full cabinet toy, lighting and feedback support for some of their favorite tables…. it’s now starting to happen. We have 20+ tables so far on this site alone!

    I’m personally proud of what myself, and others have pulled off in a short amount of time.  I will dare say…that you have never seen any other tables on VP that have this kind of cabinet lighting (not including addressable leds) and feedback, not to mention the excellent videos, and audio. Machine gun fire, explosions, multiple animated effects…. I even scared the shit out of poor randr while he played Avatar.  ;)

    These are DOFLinx mods to FP tables that I have done, and these videos show off features of these tables that most people have never seen. A shame…

    It really is worth watching them as I think these tables look (and play) amazing in a cabinet kitted with the latest in lighting and feedback. You can skip the first few mins of each video if you don’t want to hear me explaining stuff…


    Tron Legacy (STERN) (Ultimate) (all new table)


    Avatar (Ultimate)


    Tron Legacy (Ultimate)  (SLAMT1LT, original)  , VERY cool video!


    Iron Man (Ultimate)


    Jaws (Ultimate)


    Superman (Ultimate)


    RoboCop (Ultimate)


    Aliens Legacy (Ultimate)  this seems to be a big favorite for alot of people


    Star Trek (STERN) (Ultimate)


    I would love to hear any feedback of what you see… not of the physics, blah, blah…. but of what you see in the videos.  This is new territory for FP and any opinions would be welcome!


    Also…to the original poster….   Dr Tom is working away at adding DOFLinx cabinet support to Dead Hunters…  and he really hopes to get 3 Angels done as well….so keep an eye out for that!


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