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    when I tried playing some normal VPX tables….not newer version…some of the flashers seem to not fully light up and are VERY dim. Medieval Madness as an example, whereas the new “X” version works fine with PWM flashers.

    If PWM flashers are used in DOF, there will be “NoBool” hints in the config that tell it that it is looking for a 0-255 value, instead of 0-1.   But the “classic” boolean method sends 1, and DOF responds by lighting the light very dim.  DOF config tool only has one table config per ROM, there’s no way to support both in one profile.

    The simplest fix is to add Const UseVPMModSol=1 in the old table’s script.   You also have to ensure “vpmInit Me” is in the table init routine.  You don’t have to further modify it (it will continue to light the flashers in the original boolean way), but that flag will cause VPM to  send the full range of signals to DOF.

    An alternate fix for people terrified of altering VP scripts, is just removing “NoBool’ from all the places it’s used in the DOF profile, if they’re sure they’re going to use the old table.  The new table would still work also, your physical flashers just wouldn’t have the matching fading effect.


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