Reply To: The Walking Dead (Stern 2014) BETA


    Hi !

    Can someone just verify that their copy of this table is still working after the latest updates ?

    I can’t figure out if I’ve drank to much beer while working on this computer that I’ve planned to become my cabinet machine or if there are updates that is the reason for the table to crash.

    I often get this error from the gecko. If I change my resolution down to lets say 800×600 start it – I often seem to get rid of the error ( sound weird – I know ) then up to 1080p again and I might be lucky to play it for quite a while. Running it through PBX is a no go. I seem to have a slightly higher chance of success if it doesn’t have a db2s available.

    Well, I can live with it since we have the wonderful LE edition now. But, I was hoping to be able to choose between these two.


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