Reply To: Funhouse (Williams 1990)


    ” I just redownloaded the latest VPX10.2 again and copied all the scripts overwriting what I had. Still no backglass. I also tried renaming the table and backglass to something different from what I had–no luck. I am running in Windowed FS mode. I assume that the controller vbs in the 10.2 minimal install is Arngrims. I have no issues with other tables that use controller vbs”

    Like you Bob I continue to have issues with the BG launching. Though mine does launch randomly. It’ll launch every time through the editor just intermittent through Pinall X which lead me to believe it was perhaps a naming thing. Renamed the files a couple time with no improvement. I also have the latest version of 10.2 installed along with all of the latest scripts in my scripts folder.
    I just about pulled my hair out last week getting the latest version of VPM to run for me……fortunately Lucky1 had the answer for me. In that case I needed to upgrade my OS(windows7)
    Like Bob I have no other B2S issues with 825 tables installed….of course many are duplicates left installed for comparisons sake…plus I cannot just delete a previous version of a table because a new one is out. I have to much respect for the authors work to do that.

    I don’t recall registering the b2s since that was updated….I’ll have to go and check on that….thanks for the heads up WRD.


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