Reply To: Funhouse (Williams 1990)


    Fantastic table, again, thank you as a team for this! For an update may I suggest the following? :

    • I do not think faceless Rudy is very nice to see. Actually, for me, it’s not only faceless but also useless.. :scratch: .. Therefore I can not enable the random face-mode In the next relaese may-be delete this face or design an other?

    I’m sorry but this is a thoughtless suggestion, it’s an option for a reason, it’s for fun….to give players the OPTION of seeing rudy’s inner workings, no one’s forcing you to use it so what’s the harm in including it?  So therefore why mention it, and why remove it?  A lot of extra effort was put into this table and it’s evident from all the extra options and goodies that were added.




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