Reply To: 2017 – New Build – The 'Ark Vim' project.

Phil Docker

    Program of works:
    1 – PC build – DONE
    2 – Get hardware – DONE
    3 – Get software working – DONE
    4 – Find an IKEA RAMVIK table (Ark Vim is an anagram of Ramvik)….- DONE
    5 – Drive 80 miles to collect as you can not get one closer – DONE
    6 – Think and plan on how to install monitors and PC – WIP
    7 – Organise some legs to raise the able up about 15cm (which will make the game easier to nudge too) – DONE
    8 – Take table apart
    9 – Perform major surgery
    10 – Put everything together
    11 – Decide on sound system – WIP
    12 – Tidy up the table where needed (paint or cover edges…  make covers where needed.

    Additional things:
    1 – Look at loading MAME tables and installing joystick.


    As this is my third build the PC side has gone real well and is perfectly playable using a keyboard.  I doubt I will use proper DOF but I will install a good speaker system and maybe use a couple of solenoids for flipper realism.

    Will fit external headphones jack as well as external USB for updates.  Will also think about making a hinged up screen at the back for a larger display for backglass.  The 5 inch screen will sit where a title card will sit on a real pinball game.  I think there could be a way to put a window in and do this with software but I will have a think.   I have the screen and video card to cover all events.

    So – will post up WIP pictures.

    HERE is another RAMVIK project:

    The ORIGINAL RAMVIK PINBALL (uncompleted to my knowledge)


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