Reply To: Funhouse (Williams 1990)

Ark Malmeida

    Agreed with everyone else on how great this table looks and plays.  Just got it installed and I was giddy giving it a play through.  I can’t believe how lucky we all are to have such amazing looking tables coming out on a consistent basis!

    These latest tables are awesome, but I’m having a minor issue. This table’s playfield (and Gilligans Island, I notice) seems to be slightly out of focus, a little blurred. Can’t even read the triangular inserts above the flippers. I’ve worked my way through the video options menu and have tried to change nearly everything in there and in the table editor, but can’t find any solution. Exported the playfield image files and viewed in Gimp, they look flawless and perfectly detailed. What am I missing? Thanks for any advice, Randy

    You’ve probably already checked this, but do you have the ‘Unlimited’ radio button clicked under Max Texture Dimension?  I was suddenly seeing blurry playfields a while back and noticed that the 1024 button somehow got clicked there which was causing that problem.


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