Reply To: Funhouse (Williams 1990)


    Chaz, I agree. I believe there is a lag issue somewhere in your system. All I can suggest is to maybe dial down some settings. As I mentioned before, this table will require a better than average system. It is very heavy and packed with detail that will consume resources.

    It could be a lag, however the flipper does move but the ball seems to just pass through it on the way down. This is when the ball is first launched.

    However if the ball is on the playfield & I manage to hit it up past the flipper, the flipper will hit the ball on its way back down.

    FWIW my system is a quad core 3GHz AMD with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti SC graphic card. Currently I’ve only tried this table in DT mode.

    Since I’m still relatively new to VP & not familiar with all the settings, what do you recommend I change in order to dial down some settings?

    Thank you.



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