Reply To: Funhouse (Williams 1990)


    Chaz, in an attempt to keep wrd’s Funhouse thread on track… I started a performance guide thread here: And here is a big thread about flipper lag: There’s a ton of info in those two threads and any questions you have will be related to those topics.

    Thanks for the links. I apologize if it appeared that I was going off topic as that was not my intent. I actually thought there might be an issue with the upper flipper. Part of the issue is probably my old/slow reaction time. It seems with the VP9 table the ball comes down the chute a bit slower & therefore is easier to hit. On the VPX table the upper flipper is basically hidden from sight in DT mode because of a clock type object in front of it. This is not the case in FS mode due the difference in the Field of View. Being able to see the flipper helps me with the timing.

    No worries… just trying to get you to the right threads with all the info.

    As for the flipper, have you tried changing the layback setting in camera/light mode to see if you can find a perspective you like?



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