Reply To: Star Trek Limited Edition (Stern 2013)


    The shooter autofire fires off the torpedoes every time a ball is launched. There’s no way to stack them up.

    I’ve only played the real table 2 times, so bear with my limited exposure…

    Are you saying this is a “bug” or fault with the VPX table, or is this the way the original real table is supposed to act?

    I don’t know the table well enough….but I would think that if you have torpedoes stacked that they would normally be all lost when your ball drains. So if you use the FIRE button to Auto-plunge / Launch the ball from the plunger lane after a drain, that should be normal.

    However…if during a multiball mode, etc are you saying that your stacked torpedoes get “fired” as soon as a “saved” ball gets auto-launched?



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