Reply To: Star Trek Limited Edition (Stern 2013)

Pinball Shawn

    The shooter autofire fires off the torpedoes every time a ball is launched. There’s no way to stack them up.

    I’ve only played the real table 2 times, so bear with my limited exposure… Are you saying this is a “bug” or fault with the VPX table, or is this the way the original real table is supposed to act? I don’t know the table well enough….but I would think that if you have torpedoes stacked that they would normally be all lost when your ball drains. So if you use the FIRE button to Auto-plunge / Launch the ball from the plunger lane after a drain, that should be normal. However…if during a multiball mode, etc are you saying that your stacked torpedoes get “fired” as soon as a “saved” ball gets auto-launched?

    Shawn is correct there is a bug. The torpedoes are awarded when you hit the 3 “weapons targets” on the right side. If you lose a ball when playing in a normal mode, you retain these torpedoes. If however you lose the ball during shoot again, the auto plunger will fire the ball and your saved torpedoes built up will be fired as well. When the auto plunger fires the ball you will notice the vengeance bounce. Now unless this is LE thing but it’s not correct in the pro version

    I’ve never played a pro version but I play the LE often. It’s a bug, the torpedoes should stay stacked throughout the game. Honestly the only time you use them is during Vengeance mode.  The same bug existed in the pro version. There was another bug in the pro that would not allow player 2-4 to select their mission, not sure if that’s been resolved.


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