Reply To: B2S / controller.vbs issue – get rid of a backglass?


    The main reason i wanted to get rid of the B2S was i did not like it anymore, i wanted to update some pictures/backglass(es)
    I saw some other static pictures that i liked much better and wanted the set controller(VPinMame.Controller) to take over (for Terminator 2 and for Star Wars)
    They were actually named “_FS_B2S” , so that is why i could not get rid of that FPLaunch error. (the file cannot be found bla bla this and that)
    Thank you for that insight, i did not know that.

    For the TOTAN VPX and the TOTAN shiny mod i had two files .directB2S and i had them named exactly like the table file.
    Now for the shiny mod i wanted to display a static picture, so i deleted the .directB2S. The weirdest thing happened, it still loaded the B2S backglass.
    What happened was it took the .directB2S file for the TOTAN VPX table, i know this because when i deleted that then finally i had VPinMame Controller take over.
    But you don’t think that is a weird situation? I mean it was a different filename and still it loaded in HyperPin AND PinballX, i’ve been testing a lot.

    Now i use that piece of code i found with the ControllerOFF.vbs. That is working pretty nicely, but still i get some error-sound when i open and close a table in HyperPin.
    I read in the vbs file that there is a value somewhere at the end and if that is 1 it says to play some sound. I get this sound about 3 times, after i close a table without B2S.
    It sounds like the sound you get when you open the menu for HyperPin, with the Exit table stuff and all. I find this very weird, because before the update to 10.2 he never did that.
    Oh, i’m actually running both systems now so it’s a lot of work managing those databases and all those PNG files you know.


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