Reply To: DOFLinx Future Pinball WIP tables: Let us know what tables you are working on!


    I did not have a lot of time for FP and DOFLinx as I was busy with my PIN2DMD installation :). Luckily this one is almost done and I want to get back to FP Doffing. A Nightmare on Elm Street – ULTIMATE 1.06 is out, if no one is working on this one I will code the force feedback. Currently finalizing Flash Gordon.

    I know Nightmare isn’t “complete” yet according to SLAM…. he still has to finish some of the modes….and I know there are a couple bugs I’ve found myself as well….

    I also know that his Back to the Future table and LOTR are getting updated as well….and so is Transformers….

    He should be releasing Bond 50 very soon though!


    That being said….if you want to do the current version of a table, go for it. I know myself…. I started working on Star Wars DSA, and was 3/4 done and he had a big update that he just released. Took a few hours to transfer my work to the new updated table, as you gotta be careful of any changes he may have done (I had to change a couple of things).


    Starting next weekend, I will be away from the cabinet for about 4 months, except maybe on weekends. (I’m an electronics tech for the Canadian military, and I’ll be gone for training) My plan was to possibly try to do some DOFLinx FP mods during the weekdays (as best I can without a cabinet), and then come home on weekends and test.


    If anyone is planning on doing any FP DOFLinx table mods….please try to let me know about it here before you start, as I may be away from Internet access during alot of the weekdays, starting next weekend….and I don’t want to start a table that someone else is already doing.

    I know when Transformers is finally released I wanted to jump on that one.

    If I plan to do specific tables I will let you know about it here and / or on the DOFLinx forums at vpforums as well, when I have access to the Internet.


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