Reply To: seems people are missing this info for new VPM


    I think the PM5 version of Avengers is actually pretty good and plays well. I also noticed that xmen should be xmen_ to renamed to xmn_. One thing I have noticed with this new VPM build that while VPX tables are stable, some of my older PM5 tables now when launching in PinballX will crash at launch. Avengers, Tron, Xmen etc will sometimes crash where on the previous smaller VPM build they were rock solid. I am using the accelerated plunger PM5 build. Anyone else having similar issues with the older tables crashing since updating and what PM5.exe are you using if everything is rock solid on boot up?

    ok saw this too late :scratch:

    Carvalho: is it a FS PM5 version? Only found a PM2 version at VPU, maybe you can point me to the direction, where to find it.


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