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    Hello all.  Sorry there has been no update on this table.  I haven’t touched it in months.  And seeing as I don’t know if I ever will finish it, here is a link to the WIP.  Anyone can feel free to finish it if they would like and formally release it.  It’s pretty playable, but needs some polishing in aesthetics as well as physics.  As you can see in the image, the slalom plastic and the plastic to the left of the ski lift do not fit within the cabinet.  I never knew that because I only ever looked at the FS.  I just tried the DS and noticed this.  That will need to be adjusted.  The slalom itself works alright, but is not perfect…it is not completely accurate, as sometimes the ball will appear to go past walls and over bumpers, etc, but the switches work pretty well.  It would be a matter of adjusting walls and bumpers to match the images of the slalom…which right now is just two ramps with images.  I didn’t try, but is it optimal now to use a collidable primitive in this case, rather than a non-collidable primitive and then use invisible walls?  Other than that, the physics could use some tuning…for example, it’s rather difficult to hit the left side drop-targets and the stand ups behind them consistently, and also not that easy to get the ball in the drop hole on the right.  Other details like the sling plastics aren’t the right size so the kicking rubber is exposed.  Stuff like that.

    I guess I kind of lost the motivation to finish out the table.  I sort of have a desire to work on a few other tables, but I’m not committed to anything yet.  OK, enough of the talking, enjoy the WIP and have fun.

    Oh, I want to note, in case anyone does want to finish it, and just to give credit where credit is due, Ninuzzu did the ski lift, the coding and the animation.  The base of this WIP was also from Ninuzzu, so thanks to him!



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