Reply To: The most confusing pin that you've ever played!


    You can ship me WOZ, I’ll send it back when you miss it. WOZ doesn’t seem that bad in rules (I just follow the lights), but it has too much going on. As for World Poker Tour, I just don’t like any pin that uses another game as a pin (ex. Fast Break). I played the Game of Thrones a couple of times (pro version) and it made me nothing but angry, hated that POS table. I figured out the Hobbit over time, figured out I really didn’t like the table. I thought at least the dragon would spit the balls out. I still hate the Addams Family, I would burn it and replace it with the Twilight Zone at least (way better table, IMO). I don’t know, I just look at Rescue 911 and go WTF. Maybe they shouldn’t make pins after tv shows either ex: Baywatch, Barb Wire LOL. The only Gottlieb table that I ever liked at all was Class of 1812 and I still don’t understand the rules.




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